Unbeatable service, top quality products and competitive pricing is our promise to you.

Commercial Nets

We work alongside the leading construction companies in Wellington.  
Our nets not only catches people but also catch debris and other falling objects. These falling objects might cause injuries for the people working below. 

Rack Nets

Pallet rack netting plays a vital role in warehouse safety by preventing items from falling off shelves and potentially harming people. 

If you’re looking for a personalized solution to enhance your warehouse’s safety, our nets are the top choice.

Shrink Wrapping

Shrinkwrapping is a great way to keep your project on time and in budget.  

We use premium shrinkwrap film made in the U.S.A and we recycle the film after your project with in NZ.

Edge Protection

“Ensure the safety of your roof, your team, and your peace of mind with our dependable Roof Edge Protection System.
Whether you’re a seasoned roofing pro or a DIY enthusiast, safety is non-negotiable, and this system guarantees just that.

Residential Nets

Aotea Safety Nets are the leaders in Wellington and Greater Wellington Region.  We have been installing nets since 2013 and have done thousands of homes. 

Our aim is to keep your team safe on site and reduce your risk wherever a fall is possible.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is of the utmost important to us, that is why we have a Gold accreditation from Sitewise.  

We also follow all the guidlines and best practise protocols from Worksafe NZ.