Case Study: Keeping Installers Safe During Solar Panel Installation

Client: Lightforce
Project: Skylight Safety Nets for Solar Panel Installation

Background: Lightforce recently had a big project – installing 800 solar panels at a warehouse in Seaview. Safety was their top concern. They needed a way to keep their installers safe, because there were 200 meters of skylights a risk. Lightforce reached out to Aotea Safety Nets for help.

The Challenge: The challenge was to prevent accidents and injuries during the solar panel installation. The warehouse had a lot of skylights, which could be dangerous if someone fell through them. Lightforce needed a quick and effective solution.

Our Solution: Skylight Safety Nets: At Aotea Safety Nets, safety is our priority. To address Lightforce’s safety concerns, we suggested installing safety nets over the skylights. Safety nets are a proven way to prevent falls and protect workers in elevated areas. Here’s how we did it:

Assessment: We visited the warehouse to understand the skylight layout, and project timeline.

Custom Design: We have safety nets made for skylights.

Installation: We had a short span to complete the project, so we allocated all our teams to meet the deadline.

Regular Checks: We inspect our nets on a regular intervals ensuring they stay safe.

Results: Our safety net solution made the installation safer for Lightforce’s workers. It eliminated the risk of falls through the skylights, allowing the installers to work and safely.

Conclusion: If you have safety needs for your projects, please feel free to contact us. We’re here to help you make your workplace safer.