Rack Nets

Made to Fit 

In simple terms, pallet rack netting is really important in warehouses to keep people safe from stuff that might fall off the shelves. Our nets are the best choice if you want a customized solution to make sure your warehouse is safe.

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Smart business owners try their best to avoid accidents at work, but they also prepare for the possibility of accidents happening. The EleNets system is a safety solution that keeps things in place securely, especially in an up-and-down direction.

Our special product is custom-made to fit perfectly, easy to put in place, and costs less than the usual materials people use for this purpose.

To keep your employees safe from falling objects caused by accidents or natural disasters, you can invest in our reusable and secure pallet racking system. We can customize it to match what you need, whether it’s for single shelves, multiple rows, or even entire sections of your warehouse.

Benefits of our Rack Nets

#1 - Custom Made

We make sure that all Rack Nets are custom-fitted to perfectly match your racking setup. This way, you get the safest and most secure configuration possible.

#2 - Time Saving

Our Rack Nets are easy to use and saves timein your busy warehouse. We have manual and semi automatic configurations available. 

#3 - Reduce the Risk

Unlike rigid steel mesh, the flexible EleNets pallet rack netting system can minimise product damage in the event of a fall, saving you replacement costs and lost time.