We are local and know “Windy Wellington” at it’s best. Our experienced team can guide you through the various stages of your project.  Protect your people and site against UV, rain, snow, and wind.


We use a 100% recyclable shrink film which means:

  • Less waste to the landfill.
  • Less raw materials used to create new products.
  • Helping preserve precious natural resources, and mitigating both air and water pollution.

Regions Covered

  • Wellington
  • Manawatu
  • Wairarapa
  • Taranaki
  • Hawksbay
  • Taupo

Most common Shrink Wrap Applications include:

  • Demolitions
  • Asbestos Removals
  • Lead-based Paint Removals
  • Renovations (re-roofing, re-cladding, extensions, etc.)
  • Leaky Homes
  • Machines/Boats/Vehicles Storage
  • Transport Staging
  • Temporary Roofs and Enclosures for Events
  • Privacy Solutions Sensitive
  • Plastering Works
  • Sensitive Brick Laying