Aotea Safety Nets Technical Info

Safety Nets are supplied and installed in accordance with EN1263:1 and EN1263:2 Safety Netting Standards

Any areas not protected by safety nets should have a form or barrier to prevent unsafe work

Any damage or loose attachments please notify us immediately for remediation

If nets have been fallen into please notify us immediately so that can be checked and rectified if necessary

Handoversheets and a rescue procedure are left on site.  The Handover sheet outlines the treatment of safety nets.


Safety Net Testing

Aotea Safety Nets are tested annually. We also visually inspect our nets prior and after every installation.

We now provide this service to other Safety Net companies.  If you require your nets tested please  contact us.

Aotea Safety nets are fasET qualified net riggers in accordance with BS8411:2007 code of practice.